Beauty, subdued. Firestorms in suburbs.

American flags and upholstered leather.

sweat collects on the rims of thighs. wet.

silent smiles bloodshot eyes.

this is August.

A trapiche is a mill used to extract juice from fruits. In this video, the trapiche at the Comunidad Octavio Ortiz in the Bajo Lempa of El Salvador is extracting juice from sugar canes. 


Special thanks:

Comunidad Octavio Ortiz and Voices on the Border

Video by: 

Edgardo Antonio Jr.

2014 © Edgardo Antonio Jr. 

se va

What is a return to home if not out of exile, or an injured heart.

Richmond, CA:

7:04 PM

Ignacio Aguilar shares his talent of radio promotions. Filmed on 23rd Street in Richmond CA at 7:04 PM. The Richmond series is a project by Edgardo Antonio Jr. documenting the talents of the people who live and work in Richmond, CA. In one minute intervals, people can share a talent, tell a story or show us something meaningful. The time mark refers to the time of filming.

Richmond, CA: 7:04PM
Featuring Ignacio Aguilar
Video by Edgardo Antonio Jr.

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